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Husky Boy Burgers, a popular drive-in style burger joint in North Laguna, is a true Laguna Beach landmark. Established in 1951, Husky Boy is located at 802 North Coast Hwy just south of the upscale communities of Emerald Bay & Irvine Cove, about ¾-mile north of downtown and a stone's throw away from Diver's Cove.

Its humble beginnings started in Bell Gardens, CA where the first store was located. The original owners, while vacationing in Laguna in the late sixties, found the then called Page Boy Hamburgers up for sale. Perfectly located with ample parking spaces and an ocean view, they bought the property and renamed it Husky Boy Hamburgers.

Ownership changed hands six times in the past 51 years. It is now owned and operated by a local company, Viva Laguna, Inc., dedicated to revive an old Laguna tradition that is Husky Boy. The goal is simple: To serve the community and visitors alike with delicious "home-made" meals made of fresh and high quality ingredients.

Within a few short months under its new management, Husky Boy caught the attention of a popular food critic in Orange County who wrote, "...some of the best hamburgers on the OC coast." Orange Coast Magazine named Husky Boy's Kobe Beef Burgers in the top six burgers "Orange County has to offer."

Husky Boy serves more than just burgers. It boasts of its ever-popular Philly Cheese Steak, Pastrami, BLT, Patty Melt, Grilled Chicken, Tuna sandwich, salads, tacos, burritos and so much more. Thus, the slogan, "Not Just Great Burgers!"

Healthy Choices include Buffalo, Ostrich, Garden and Turkey Burgers.

Not to take anything away front an array of breakfast combinations and omelets, the Breakfast Burrito is the best seller among the early birds.

Great-tasting, extra-thick milk shakes, malts, smoothies, floats & banana splits are old time favorites guaranteed to make first-time guests keep coming back for more.

What makes Husky Boy Burgers tick? Most locals say it's the menu. Some say it's the young, vibrant feeling they get every time. Others say it's simply the Husky Boy mystique!

Whatever it is, just come and experience Husky Boy Burgers Laguna Beach.

Whenever you visit Laguna, ask the locals or the friendly staff at the hotel where they go for the best food in town, chances are Husky Boy will be at the top of the list.

Indeed, the Husky Boy mystique, ambience and character is what makes Laguna Beach, CA... Laguna Beach! There you have it, Husky Boy Burgers... another great excuse to visit one of the most desirable resort towns on earth.

If you haven't been to Husky Boy Burgers, you haven't been to Laguna Beach!